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Divine Royalty Essence 3 - Re Live

  • This essence complements the previous 2 essences perfectly. After using the Re Learn Essence to support the integration of new and forgotten knowledge of self and the universe, and transforming old and outdated programming, the second Re Love Essence helps to fill you up with, and plug you back into, the source of all creation and strengthen your personal and spiritual self.

    The natural progression is now to start really living as you were originally designed to, as Human and Divine combined!

    Start creating a life fuelled by the wisdom of your heart, living without restriction, living the life you were designed to live by being the truest expression of yourself.

    This essence is here to support you living as the whole you, living your purpose with joy and passion, without limitation, as the creator that you are.

    This essence is here to support you to express your truth, and share your uniqueness with the world, by living authentically.

    The colour I was guided to incorporate in this essence was aqua blue, its qualities include self-expression, communication, speaking your truth, and living your truth.

    It also supports you to realise your purpose and communicate it to manifest your ideas into reality.

    This essence is here to help you really LIVE YOUR LIFE, live the life you designed for yourself fully connected to your divine guidance.

    Life was always meant to be the most precious, expansive, abundant, and fun experience and that is exactly what this essence is here to remind you of!

    30ml bottle

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