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About Katie 

Nourish Your Spiritual Health and Your Body Will Follow...

I often get asked the question "have you always had a spiritual connection, a passion for understanding the bigger picture of what makes us happy/healthy, and what life is all about"? And my answer is a resounding "Nope"... that is until I was backed into a corner and everything changed.

I had been physically and mentally unwell for some time, caused by various things including stress and not being true to myself, and I realised if didn't take control back for my life and health, I wasn't going to be around for the long haul. In that moment of realisation I heard a part of me that I didn't even know existed, and after looking around the room for wherever the voice came from, I realised it was me, it was that quiet voice within, that had up until now,  been drowned out by the busyness and distractions of the world. 

There is a lot of detail to my background but to keep it brief, that quiet voice guided me to physically heal through my study as a Nutritional Consultant, it guided me to heal my mental and emotional challenges through research and further therapy qualifications.  It guided me to uncover a deep and unshakable spiritual connection to myself, nature, the spirit world, and the universe, and these connections guided me through all of my mental, physical, and emotional  life challenges in order for me to be able to experience and learn the keys to the bigger questions we all have about life and wellbeing.

What my 26 years as a therapist, tutor, researcher, and walking the walk of life has taught me is that our Spiritual Health and Wellbeing is the strongest foundation we have, which everything else can be placed on. I had been trying to approach life from a very restrictive 'human, physical, outside world' approach, but my health, wellbeing, life and happiness all changed when I finally understood if you "Nourish Your Spiritual Health the Body Will Follow". 

Therefore, everything I do has a balanced approach to wellbeing, combining Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom, Nature, Nutrition and Science to create a foundation for peace, happiness, and resilient health.


Qualifications include:

Nutritional Consultant, Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene Certificate in Nutrition and Health (Honours), Diploma in Iridology (Distinction), Dietary Advisor, Kinesiology, Diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology, Reflexology, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Flower Essence Therapy, and many natural Food and Nature based trainings. 


Ive been a qualified therapist since 1997 and have worked with so many inspiring clients. I have experience working in varied environments including Private Medical Practice, Health Clubs and Private Practice. I've held posts on the boards of Therapy Organisations and have been Teach Accredited Therapy Courses, Workshops and Retreats with my friend and colleague Elisabeth for 20 years, and together we also set up and ran our own Therapy Centre with multiple therapists working with us. I'm also Author of the book "Don't Wait For The World To Get Better" (very apt name don't you think :) )

The Daily Life Stuff:

I'm originally from London, now living in Kent with my husband, two children, two cats and two dogs. In no particular order, I love good food, love spending time with my family, love my work, I'm in love with Ibiza and minions (yes the little yellow people :), special friends are very important to me (the real keepers), and I feel most humbled when in nature. 

I am grateful everyday (some days more than others :), I never stop learning, and as corny as it might sound, I appreciate my most difficult times have been my biggest blessings!                Thats me! 


Me and my Dad


Me and my Girl


Me and my pooches


No explanation needed 

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