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and Spirituality 

In Workshops, Retreats
and Healing Courses
For Individuals, Business and Charities

creating a magical relationship with life


Step Into a World Where Nature, Nutrition, Science, and Spirituality Converge to Reignite the Magic of Life.

Have you felt life has lost a bit of its magic over the past few years, or are you wanting to tap into a deeper connection to the magic of life? 

Join us on a journey of rediscovery that will nourish your soul and reconnect you with the wonder of existence.

Why Nature, Nutrition, Science, and Spirituality?


Science: Science provides us with discoveries and data that satisfy our logical minds, allowing us to be more open to new possibilities for health, wellbeing, and daily life. Science has now proven what ancient peoples have always known; that we are much more than just our human self, and we leverage science throughout our programs to validate our teachings.

Nature: Scientifically proven to enhance mental, emotional, and physical well-being. We offer the opportunity to discover the profound impact of a two-way relationship with nature and discover your innate ability to communicate with the natural world, fostering holistic wellbeing, magic, awe, and mutual growth.

Nutrition: There can be no doubt nutrition is a crucial key in supporting our wellbeing on all levels. Diets and even the way we choose and consume the healthiest of foods often disconnect us from the true essence of the nurturing, nourishing, and life-giving properties of food. So we support you to unlock the transformative potential of vibrant and intuitive nutrition, forever changing your relationship with food. 

Spirituality: Science has recently discovered that part of our brain is specifically designed and programmed for a spiritual relationship with Self, Life and the Universe. Science has also discovered that without this spiritual relationship we are more prone to depression, anxiety, less able to cope with and successfully navigate life challenges, and are left with a nagging feeling of something missing. We support you to strengthen this area, to create deep connection, meaning, and guidance.  

Building a relationship with life's 4 key elements is the missing link to profound purpose, health, and happiness.  Benefit from our 55 years of combined experience, and probably the most comprehensive, down to earth, complete teachings in this field. Let us guide you to live life as the adventure it's meant to be!

Join us on our workshops, courses and events and step fully into the magic of life! 

Katie & Elisabeth 

 Visit us at at born for this HERE?

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