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Divine Royalty Essence 2 - Re Love

  • This essence is the powerhouse of the 3 essences! It sits in the middle and is taken after Re Learn but before Re Live.

    Re Learn prepares you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by elevating your energy and clearing the old, to take on, and to take into your cells, the vibration of unconditional Love; the most powerful, beautiful, graceful, creative energy of divine perfection in the universe.

    The Re Love Essence holds the energy of the point of creation, it holds the vibration of your original perfection, and will speak to every atom of your being, it will connect you to home and remind you of your complete perfection.

    Unconditional Divine Love is the point of creation, we all come from that same point, and therefore it is what connects you to everything in the universe.

    Divine Love is your access point to remembering the history and wisdom of all time and is the bond that links every one of us here on earth. It is the bond that connects us to Mother Nature, to the universe and all the natural world, and our friends and loves ones in spirit.

    When you live from your creation point of Divine Love, you are living from the guidance of your heart, and living as Human and Divine combined. From this point you can live without fear, without lack, and without any of the lower emotions that have kept us restricted and disconnected from out Divine Royalty.

    I was guided to incorporate the colour yellow for this essence, yellow counteracts beliefs and feelings of being powerless, low self-worth, low self-esteem, and feeling inferior. Yellow reinforces self-love, self-esteem, and personal power!

    When you are connected to the True You and the source of all creation, there can be no limitations in life… only Love!

    30ml bottle

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