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Divine Royalty Essence 1 - Re Learn

  • This essence is at its most powerful while taken alongside learning and digesting new information.

    I always recommend people use this while reading my book Don’t Wait for the World to Get Better(link) and as they begin working with me (1:1 link here), because its most dominant vibration is the integration of new and forgotten knowledge of self and the universe.

    It focuses on your ascension and enlightenment journey, enabling you to retrieve the wisdom and knowledge of your divine qualities as a creator. It works to clear and reopen your connection to your Soul and encourages you to live from the infinite knowledge of your heart, while dissolving any motivation, unbalanced emotions, suffering, or control bought about by outdated programming and belief’s.

    The Re Learn Essense is here to remind you of your divine power, your connection to everything and your birth right as a divine eternal being of love.

    When remembering the wisdom that is held in every cell of your being, your vibration will naturally elevate to release the outdated programming of restriction, lack and suffering, and will naturally raise your vibration to meet the higher vibration of your truth and the new world more comfortably.

    I was guided to incorporate the colour Lavender, and that was no coincidence, the quality of this colour supports knowledge integration, self-knowledge, enlightenment, peace, order, oneness, and universal consciousness!

    The Re Learn Essence is a beautifully powerful essence to bring you into divine alignment, to live your uniqueness as human and divine combined, in a way that finally makes sense to you.

    30ml bottle

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